Welcome to Western Park Beer Festival

Sponsorship opportunities

Fancy Sponsoring the Festival?

Right from the very beginning of the festival we wanted to bring both the community together with the local businesses and with the help of both, roughly-speaking every £1 raised in sponsorship will become £2 for our chosen charities (a £150.00 firkin will generate £300.00 and so on).

Every pound counts when we’re talking beer money!

Benefits for Your Business

There are many benefits for sponsoring our charity beer festival, from the warm glow of knowing you’re helping others to the more practical opportunities for the promotion of your business both physically at the event with over 1500 people visitors in the course of the weekend and virtually via our sizable social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), in additional to the sponsorship being tax-deductible there is also this year a pre-festival networking event! Not forgetting every sponsor gets some free beer and some of our legendary samosas, so what’s not to love?

  • Promotion

    All our sponsors are promoted via our social channels, plus the festival sponsor have their logo on all materials including the glass.

  • 1500 Visitors

    We can have upwards of 1500 visitors over the course of the weekend, all of which get to see how great your business is.

  • Tax-deductible

    Charitable donations are 100% tax-deductible; therefore, rather than give it to the tax office, support this years local charities.

  • Business Networking (see events)

    We're excited to offer for the first time, a pre-festival networking event included for sponsors and open to other local business.

How to Sponsor

You have reviewed the packages (full details below), decided you and your business would like to become a part of the festival, so how do you apply? We have made it super simple with an online registration form, just simply click ‘Sponsor Today’ complete the details, attach your company logo and submit and we will do the rest. Please don’t feel limited to just one package either, you can select more than one.

Our Sponsor Packages:




Enjoying the Beer over the years

Please complete the form below, selecting you package and uploading your company logo (for a complete specification please download our requirements).

Note: Donation Only, is for sponsors who wish to support our charities, but are NOT looking for any promotion.