Welcome to Western Park Beer Festival

Beer School

The History

Here at the Western Park Beer Festival, we have a passion for all things beer which is one of the reasons we decided to put on a community festival in the first place, sharing our love and at the same time raising funds for local charities.

Beer has a long and interesting history and goes hand in hand with the development of humans away from hunter-gathers to farmers, after all what are you supposed to do with all those grains as there is only so much bread you can eat!

Therefore, we have compiled some key facts about Beer from past and present:

The Process

So now you know a bit about the history of beer, but how is it produced? How do you go from grains, water and yeast to a cold glass of beer you can enjoy at home or in the local pub?

The brewing process hasn’t changed much in the past 7000 years, we might have gotten better, smarter and bigger at producing it, but the basics are fundamentally the same:

So now you know the history and how it’s made, not it’s the time to find your style/s of beer which you love to enjoy either by yourself or with friends and family and below you will find our easy to use tasting guide.

At the Western Park Beer Festival we like to find new and different beers for everyone to try; therefore, if you’re unsure please ask a member of the experienced beer drinking team to talk through your options and maybe have a sample till you find your perfect pint.

Style & Colour

Tasting Notes


Generally a style of beer with a mild malt flavour with low to medium hop bitterness and perfect for a summers evening.


French, Belgium style of beer known for their fruity aroma and flavour with earthy yeast tones and sourness, spiced finish.

Wheat Beer

Famous in Germany, this style of beer has a cloudy appearance from the wheat used and can have prominent flavours of banana and spicy cloves.


These beers tend to be crisp, with a mild malt flavour with medium hop bitterness, perfect for a warm evening.


Not a full blow IPA, but  this style of beer is know for it’s spicy, earthy and aromatic flavours with medium hop bitterness.


IPAs are know for higher ABV with pronounced hop profile and bitterness many of us love to taste.


Beers know for a more malty profile, a bit like a digestive biscuit and balanced with a more subtle hop bitterness.

Red / Rye

Big on the malt and light hopping provides a sweet character, often a dry finish and spicy note.


Balanced malt and hops produce a light body, low ABV classic bitter style of beer


Ruby beers are rich and complex, generally higher ABV and packing bold fruity and malty flavours.


Brewed using dark malts, these beers are known for their caramel and toffee flavours with low bitterness.


Lighter than a Stout, but still packing plenty of chocolate and coffee notes and flavours with mild roasted finish.


Dry in character with roasted flavour ranging from coffee to chocolate and full bodied, perfect for a winters evening.